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This is a shortened version of our online Order Form - it may be used by existing customers who can quote their 4-figure 'Client Reference'.  If you ordered items from us in the past, we gave you a 'Client Reference' consisting of 2 letters followed by 2 numbers.  It appears on all invoices, receipts and postal catalogue mailing labels. 

Quoting your Client Reference on this shortened version will allow us to get your details from our customer records, this saves us time and in return we will give you faster service.

If you do not have (or cannot remember) your 'Client Reference', please use our Online Order Form - full version or Order by Post - these other methods are similar but ask for full address details.

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Fastenings: Back-Plates, Clutch-Grips, Split Pins, etc.

Due to established practice and customer preference, our stock is sold without fastenings such as back-plates, clutch-grips, split pins or shoulder shanks for screw-fit buttons, however these are (usually) available separately.

Please note that the following pictures are just examples, and the actual items may be slightly different.  At these low prices, we are not able to supply specific sizes.  These are sold in packs of 10 items of various shapes and sizes. 

Please bear in mind that many badges (such as cap badges with vertical 'slider' fittings) do not require these fastenings, and for many older badges, fittings such as a matching back-plate simply do not exist.  With the exception of screw-fit buttons, uniform buttons are normally sewn onto uniforms with a needle and thread and do not usually need special fastenings.

Split pin / cotter pin Back-Plate For Collar Badge Back-Plate For Trade Badge Or Cap Badge Clutch Grip For Spike-Fit Shoulder Titles Shoulder-Shank For Screw-Fit Buttons K-grip or ring for buttons

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Postal Catalogues

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  • £8 for the Rest of the World

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Other Uniform Insignia For Sale - Badges & Patches

Click here for our online militaria shop - about 4500 different items including cap badges, collar badges, shoulder titles and arm-badges.

We have NO WW2 German items, NO medals, NO g uns, NO knives and NO bulky equipment. Whatever we sell must be small enough - and legal enough - to be posted by mail.

Button Catalogues

We publish button catalogues by post about 10 times per year. These cost £1.50 each and include fresh stock before it appears on this website.  In effect, postal subcribers get first-pick of the rare items.

Button Identification

The British Button Society has an identification service.

The British Button Society

British Button Society logo

The British Button Society was founded in 1976 by a group of people interested in collecting buttons and researching their history. The Society has collectors of all types of button and publishes 4 excellent journals per year called 'Button Lines' - click for details

Button Images

Pictures of insignia on this website are taken from items owned by Ian G Kelly (Militaria). Images and text are copyright © Ian G Kelly (Militaria)